Perfect Cup of Tea with a Boiling Water Tap

The perfect cup of Tea

A perfect tea in a clear cup

The perfect cup of tea

How good is a boiling water tap at making the perfect cup of tea? We find out.

Being based in the UK, we are obsessed with Tea as the drink of choice. Raised on the premise that good old Yorkshire Tea needs to be made with vigorously boiling water, it came as a big surprise to us that this isn’t always good advice and there are implications to making your favourite cuppa from a boiling water tap which provides boiling water between 98oC and 100oC.
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Zip HydroTap Review

Review of Zip HydroTap and Miniboil boiling water tap systems


Zip Boiling and Chilled HydroTap with Font

Zip Boiling and Chilled HydroTap with font

Zip Industries is an Australian company founded in 1947 as Zip Heaters. They produced low pressure boilers and heaters for domestic use then started producing instant water heaters, attaining the world’s first Instant Boiling Water Heater patent in 1975. Coming from Australia of course, chilled water is almost as important as boiling water and so Zip have established themselves as a dominant electric heating and chilling company for drinking water in the southern hemisphere. They have created a mind-boggling array of domestic, workplace, industrial water heating, chilling and filtering products for above and below the counter and so we are only going to look at domestic variants in this review.
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