Boiling Water Tap systems – are they for you?

Is a Boiling Water Tap for you?

The Boiling Water Tap (or steaming hot water tap in the US and instant boiling water tap in Australia) is going to set you back between a few hundred pounds (dollars) to a few thousand pounds, depending on the make, model and options. At its simplest, you can augment your existing kitchen sink arrangement with an additional boiling water tap, keeping the existing hot and cold. If you want the latest sink equipment, be prepared to choose cold, hot, boiling and chilled water. Water can be filtered or even purified and you can have sparkling chilled water too. You can even have an inset counter touch-screen menu, an iPhone-style remote or a touch-screen on the tap itself – all very 21st century!. Some of these boiling water tap features cost more than a bottom-end kitchen, but the high-end kitchens deserve nothing less. There are of course different manufacturers promoting their individualised system features and the team at hope to make all this diverse data transparent to you. We are also going to bust a few myths about running costs and safety in future posts, but for now, let’s have a look at three great features a boiling water tap system affords you.

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