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Buying a Boiling Water Tap

Shopping for a Boiling Water Tap (sometimes known as a steaming hot water tap or instant boiling water tap), or simply getting reliable and authoritative reviews can be tricky. This site is dedicated to giving you access to reliable data regarding: efficiency, model run-downs, comparisons, styles, and best prices.

Instant boiling water, with a turn of the tap, will give you immediate access to coffee and tea making as well as speeding up your normal cooking activities. All of the following are made so quick and easy with a Boiling Water Tap:

  • Providing cooking water for vegetables and pasta;
  • Food preparation – skinning tomatoes and fruit;
  • Blanching food;
  • Soaking pots and pans with stubborn marks and stains;
  • Preparation of baby milk and sterilisation of equipment.

There are currently six main manufacturers of instant boiling water taps spread around the world, each having its own terminology, aesthetics, optionality and unique selling points. At their simplest, boiling water tap systems can dispense just boiling water. Or they can supply boiling and chilled water as well as your normal hot and cold. Add the option of a water filter and the kitchen sink just got a lot more versatile.

If you are searching for the perfect boiling water tap for your kitchen, please bookmark this site and come back for the latest in-depth reviews and information before you decide on anything.

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